The German world champion likes to give interviews and talk about cars and Formula 1 races with burning eyes. But at the same time, he successfully hides his family-life from journalists. But it turns out his family-life isn’t the only thing worth attention. It seems SEB loves home gatherings, knows how to parody Franz Beckenbauer, collects vinyl records and once even dreamed of becoming a singer. And this is not a complete list of unknown facets of Sebastian Vettel.

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The history of motorcycle racing dates back more than a decade. These competitions have been very popular since their inception, attracting a huge number of fans both on the tracks and on TV screens. Motorcycle sprint turned out to become one of the most exciting racing disciplines.

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This type of competition today is a time trial between two or more racers over a short distance of 1/4 mile. Participants go to the starting line, lining up on it, and wait for the command “Start!”. At the signal, they accelerate in a straight line in order to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. When crossing the finish line, the time indicator and final speed are recorded, which determines the winner. The finish line is considered to be the moment when the most protruding part of the motorcycle with the athlete on it crosses the corresponding line. At the time of the finish, the referee lowers the flag.

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It is a race on a track with a length of 300-400 m, covered with granite, marble or dolomite chips or a mixture. (a mixture of these materials is possible). Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 500 CC running on methanol take part in them. There are no brakes in these cars, and the speed that they are able to develop reaches 110 km/h.

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This year has been officially Tudor watches Timing Partner of Porsche Motorsport Porsche with involvement in international one-make cup cups.Over the last 25 years, Tudor and Porsche alike persistently on design, technology and reliability have been working, courage to innovate and in avant-garde solutions.

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This is a motorcycle competition on tracks with different surfaces, including cross-country, where participants must comply with the established traffic schedule and other conditions.

Races on the Enduro are called “the six-day of competition”. Each segment of the distance is divided into separate sections, the passage time of each is strictly regulated. Acceptable speeds are also set. Penalty points are awarded for every minute over the time limit, and if the racer is more than 1 hour late, they are removed from the competition. There are 11 obstacles on the track that participants must overcome: 2 for braking and acceleration, 3 uphill ascents for speed, 3 cross-country races and an hour-long cross-country race.

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Reliability and performance? The top 2 must haves for all Jackel Motorsports ATVs and dirt bikes. As one of the U.S.? ATV and dirt bike leading vendors, Jackel Motorsports has proven that if you own one of their machines, it is to be an ATV or a bike dust, they are as safe and reliable as they come from? And that was a fact over the years!

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