Forza Motorsport is a racing simulation. This is the enemy of the Gran Turismo sequence. This is the Microsoft’s dominance against the PlayStation in the racing simulation market.If you’re not sure about buying the game, you can download its demo from Xbox Live Marketplace.

If you buy the full version for the first time you insert the CD into the Xbox, you ask if you want to install the additional content that comes on the second CD of Forza Motorsport 3.I recommend to do it, because the second CD contains more than a hundred cars and a few new tracks. The additional content will only take about 2 GB of storage. If you dont enough free space, you may not have the install CD, but you miss a lot fun.

The graphics are just incredible. If you are on high-definition TV, they play look even better. In HD it just looks so clean. The cars are designed with all the details of the actual one. Its clear that the designers have to spend some time with it and have it paid off.There are more cars than you ever wanted to remember it. Forza 3 features more than 400 cars from over 50 manufacturers. His direct opponent Gran Turismo offers more than 700 cars, but I do not think it really maters.

The adjustment is now much easier. You will have a few guys from work done.Most of you Forza Motorsport 3 will want to be stunned, because it only offers something for everyone. If you want simple games where you spend much time learning the controls Forza have some tools to help you now. If you are looking for an authentic racing simulation, as all you need to do is set the difficulty and you have one of the most realistic racing games out there. In some races, you are really calling into question, and you have to take dozens of attempts to get the first position.As All the games Forza Motorsport 3 has it flaws. First, the cost of upgrades is cosmic, its ridiculous.

Whatever you choose upgrades throughout the game will be broke, you will never have spare capital. Another problem I saw is that the instruments do not work in some of the cars properly.Bottom line of the Forza Motorsport Gran Turismo fans might be rejected because it does not have as many cars and no other reason.

And maybe it really is not that good, but again, if you dont have PlayStation 3 then Forza Motorsport is your option. And who knows, maybe the next Forza will not only make Gran Turismo, but to actually hit. You can play online racing flash games there are a lot of really good free flash games. Some of them are even multiplayer games.

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