The German world champion likes to give interviews and talk about cars and Formula 1 races with burning eyes. But at the same time, he successfully hides his family-life from journalists. But it turns out his family-life isn’t the only thing worth attention. It seems SEB loves home gatherings, knows how to parody Franz Beckenbauer, collects vinyl records and once even dreamed of becoming a singer. And this is not a complete list of unknown facets of Sebastian Vettel.

He loves classic motorcycles

Sebastian Vettel bought his first bike at the age of 16. The German prefers only classic motorcycles and does not like motorsport models. In an interview with the Red Bulletin magazine, he talked about the motorcycle as if it were the love of his life saying, “Only a motorcycle can give you a sense of freedom. It doesn’t have a radio? You don’t need it. You feel the sounds and smells of the street, and you perceive your surroundings much more deeply than even in a convertible”.

The Red Bulletin published not only a story about Sebastian Vettel’s love for motorcycles, but also a beautiful photo shoot of the German with an iron friend.

By the way, Sebastian dreams of traveling from Switzerland (where he lives with his family) to Italy on his own motorcycle.

Not so fond of watching films about himself

At the moment, famous directors are not interested in the biography of the German racer and do not plan to make a film about him. But when reporters asked SEB if he would like to see a film version of his life story, Vettel was categorical. According to the German, in Formula 1, he is for racing, not for the dream of a movie. That’s why he never dreamed of it at all.

As for his favorite movies, Sebastian prefers classics here as well. The list of films that he is ready to review repeatedly includes “Life is beautiful”, “Rocky”, “Forrest Gump” and “Good will hunting”.

He collects vinyl records

Sebastian Vettel loves listening to classic rock music from the 70s. And he prefers to buy albums on vinyl records, rather than on CDs. He calls his favorite band The Beatles. In 2009, Vettel bought the album of the Liverpool foursome “With the Beatles” of 1963 for 4 thousand dollars. A special feature of this record is that it contains the autographs of all the band members.

The pilot also admits that he likes to listen to soundtracks to his favorite movies and classical music. He listens to a lot of music especially when traveling. However, a special place in Sebastian’s playlist is occupied by the songs “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor and “Pretender” by Foo Fighters. They help Vettel tune in to the race.

He loves vanilla ice cream

The four-time world champion has long and repeatedly admitted in all interviews that he is an absolutely plain person who is no stranger to ordinary moments of joy. So, the greatest happiness for Sebastian is his family, friends, his cozy home. But there is another little thing that makes him absolutely happy. And this is… – vanilla ice cream! In one interview, the German even joked that after finishing his career in Formula 1, he would go to the beach, lie there as long as he wanted and eat vanilla ice cream.

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