The history of motorcycle racing dates back more than a decade. These competitions have been very popular since their inception, attracting a huge number of fans both on the tracks and on TV screens. Motorcycle sprint turned out to become one of the most exciting racing disciplines.

Historical note

Motorcycle racing appeared almost simultaneously with the creation of the motorcycle itself. This happened in the late 19th century. People were not used to new cars, and competitive races were held to demonstrate the advantages of these vehicles. The main goal of these races was to get to the finish line on their own. While covering the distance, you were allowed to repair your motorcycle and even tow it.

The first official race was held in the French capital under the auspices of the Automobile Club. Various types of vehicles participated in the competition, including motorcycles with three and four wheels. After this event, France became the center of world motorsport news.

Initially, races were held only over long distances. This made it difficult for fans to see what was happening on the track at any given time. Therefore, such competitions were not in demand. However, the rules changed, and long distances were replaced by ring races, as well as motorcycle sprints.

The birthplace of sprint is considered to be England — it was here in 1958 that the British national sprint association was formed with Donald Campbell at its head. According to the rules approved by it, motorcycles with both naturally aspirated and supercharged engines were allowed to compete. The runways of airfields and sea embankments were used for the races. To set a national or international record, racers were required to complete 2 qualifying runs in opposite directions within one hour. This made it possible to neutralize the influence of the wind and calculate the average time for MotoGP news Rossi.

Currently, there are several types of sprint motorcycles:

  • Classic sports motorcycles, focused primarily on participating in races. They accelerate quickly, are equipped with a high-power engine and have good handling. Today, such equipment can often be seen on city roads. Despite the increased rigidity of the suspension and not quite a comfortable fit, classic sportbikes are in demand due to their numerous advantages.
  • Streetfighters are a cross between a sports bike and a road bike. Most often, a classic sports bike is redesigned for a streetfighter: the steering wheel is raised, plastic parts are removed, the rear part is raised, etc. However, there are also serial streetfighters produced by motorcycle manufacturers.
  • The bobber. In English, “bob” has the meaning of “a short haircut”. They are designed from mass-produced motorcycles, lightening the weight. For this purpose, one is better to remove all parts and mechanisms that do not affect the speed quality and handling, such as speedometer, tachometer, sound signal, front brake, windscreen, front wing, dimensions, protective racks, muffler, etc. These motorcycles are not mass-produced.
  • Dragsters-motorcycles designed for drag racing. They are distinguished by a long base and a high-speed engine. There are currently available dragsters running on nitromethane. They are used for the ¼ – mile race.

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