This is a motorcycle competition on tracks with different surfaces, including cross-country, where participants must comply with the established traffic schedule and other conditions.

Races on the Enduro are called “the six-day of competition”. Each segment of the distance is divided into separate sections, the passage time of each is strictly regulated. Acceptable speeds are also set. Penalty points are awarded for every minute over the time limit, and if the racer is more than 1 hour late, they are removed from the competition. There are 11 obstacles on the track that participants must overcome: 2 for braking and acceleration, 3 uphill ascents for speed, 3 cross-country races and an hour-long cross-country race.

Enduro motorcycles have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • Large-diameter front wheel.
  • Wide steering wheel for improved handling on rough roads.
  • Spoked wheels, lightweight and resistant to impact deformation.
  • High-mounted mud guard that prevents dirt from sticking to the front wheel
  • Deep tire tread for off-road driving
  • Chain drive with good shock absorption.
  • Low weight of the engine.
  • Resistance of the entire structure to damage in case of possible falls.


This is a type of motorsport that involves Formula1 racing on a circular route that is laid only on rough terrain. The track has a length of 4-8 km and is replete with various obstacles (natural and man-made), where competitors have to show technical skills and maneuverability of their vehicle.

Check-in lasts 90 minutes. To win, during this time you need to do more laps compared to other motorcyclists.

The distance includes segments of varying complexity:

  • Motocross with turns and high jumps.
  • Rally on dirt or sandy roads.
  • Enduro off-road with piled logs, narrow paths, steep ascents and descents.

These segments of the path are repeated on each circle, so you can lose valuable time at any moment. In cross-country, the race leader can change literally after each lap.

For country cross, cross-country motorcycles and Enduro units are used.

Road-line racing

Roads for such races are subject to increased requirements: they must be at least 6 m wide, have a high-quality asphalt surface, have no sharp turns, descents and ascents, railway crossings, intersections, and run outside of localities. On this route, racers go back and forth, respectively, the start and finish are marked with a single line, according to MotoGP live.

At the start, the racers are staggered. Racers on heavy road motorcycles take the first line. Races are held at speed; the winner is the one who comes to the finish line first.

Special attention is paid to the safety of races: fans and riders are separated by a long distance, as well as protective ropes that prevent motorcyclists from leaving the track are used. The section of road where the race takes place is blocked by traffic police officers, in order to avoid possible collisions with another vehicle.

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