It is a race on a track with a length of 300-400 m, covered with granite, marble or dolomite chips or a mixture. (a mixture of these materials is possible). Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 500 CC running on methanol take part in them. There are no brakes in these cars, and the speed that they are able to develop reaches 110 km/h.

The championships are held in a two-round system: teams compete twice. The winner goes directly to the final, and those who took 2nd and 3rd places compete in the semi-finals for the right to participate in the main race. The loser of the semi-final is sent home.

Racers perform turns in a skid, thus reducing speed in the absence of a braking system. Speedway is considered a very spectacular sport — the race is fast, takes place in a limited space, plus there are often falls. At the same time, there is a high probability of injuries and lethal outcomes, so in recent years, the race regulations have provided for the mandatory installation of inflatable bumpers on bends.


This is the most popular motor sport, the essence of which is to ride off-road or on tracks equipped with obstacles in a special way. Motorcycles weighing 80-120 kg with a power of 60 HP participate in competitions.

Motocross is divided into:

  • Classic, which is cross-country racing with a distance of 1.5-3 km at a speed of up to 50 km/h. About 40 motorcyclists can participate in the race.
  • Supercross, which is competitions on a specially equipped track with a length of 300-400 m, full of jumps and turns. They can be held in stadiums and indoor halls; the number of participants is up to 25.

Professional motocross races are called “30 minutes plus 2 laps”. It looks like this: after the start, participants are given 30 minutes. When the time is up, the leader crosses the finish line, the signal is given for the start of the final two laps. After the second lap, the race ends. The three drivers who finished first share the 1-3 prize places.

Motocross is difficult from the point of view of the load on the racer’s body: one’s pulse sometimes reaches 200 beats/min, plus the stress of driving on a nervous track and constant jumps, where maximum attention and reaction are required in order to hold and level the bike, add up to the load.


It would seem from f1 latest news that motorsport is always about speed and the roar of engines. However, this does not apply to the trial: it is always quiet here, both at a distance and in the stands. There are no team races — the racer is alone with obstacles on a closed platform, which they must overcome without leaving the site and without touching the obstacles with any part of their body.

Motorcyclists in the trial do not develop high speeds, because the main thing is the purity of performance. Participants of the competition need to demonstrate extremely difficult techniques of driving a motorcycle on a very limited area, on the ascents to jump on the car on the rocks, and on the slopes to overcome the holes. Driving a motorcycle in a trial involves constant manipulation of the gas, brakes, and clutch in order to maintain balance and not touch the ground with your feet or the obstacle itself, which can reach a height of 1.5 m. The rules of the competition are very simple: do not exceed the time set for the race and score as few penalty points as possible. Penalties are awarded for each touch.

Technical requirements for motorcycles provide for a weight of no more than 80 kg and an engine capacity of up to 500 CC, as well as increased ground clearance.

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