This type of competition today is a time trial between two or more racers over a short distance of 1/4 mile. Participants go to the starting line, lining up on it, and wait for the command “Start!”. At the signal, they accelerate in a straight line in order to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. When crossing the finish line, the time indicator and final speed are recorded, which determines the winner. The finish line is considered to be the moment when the most protruding part of the motorcycle with the athlete on it crosses the corresponding line. At the time of the finish, the referee lowers the flag.

Motorcycle sprints can be held on runways, country roads, and specially constructed facilities. The main requirement for the sprint track is a high-quality asphalt surface and the absence of any obstacles and turns.

At the junction of motocross and sprint, a new, still young sport has appeared — sprint cross. It was home to Latvia. It is held in 2 stages: qualification and final races. In the qualifying race, all participants start at the same time and go 25 minutes plus 2 more laps. According to the results, 6 participants who showed the best results are selected. The final race consists of 3 laps with a maximum length of 300 m. for a while. Two racers compete in it. Thus, each participant performs a race with all opponents, after which there is one winner. This is a very fast race and that’s why the moment you finish doesn’t take long in coming.

Competition motorcycles

Motorcycle sprint allows sports and road motorcycles, including advanced ones that use nitrous oxide as fuel, to participate in races.

Sports bikes are created specifically for competitions, and their entire design is developed to provide maximum speed performance on a hard road with a high-quality surface. An important condition here is to reduce the air resistance that occurs when driving at high speed. For this purpose, sports motorcycles have a streamlined shape and are equipped with plastic parts.

There are other distinctive design features, such as:

  • Low position of the steering wheel — on this bike, the racer is positioned so that their lower limbs are very close to the body.
  • High footrests.
  • High-speed 130 HP engine.
  • Efficient braking system.
  • Six-speed gearbox (in most cases).
  • Wide wheels providing good grip on the road surface.

Motorcycle sprints are an exciting sight at MotoGP news. Whirling cars attract the attention of thousands of fans and make the breath stop not only for young participants, but also for elderly. Viewers of all ages follow the numbers of passing racers and try to hear the voice of the commentator among the sound of engines running at maximum speed. The professionalism and courage of MotoGP racers are a delight, making the race a real show and delivering a lot of positive emotions to the audience.

Sport bikes can also be used in urban areas as well as on public roads. These vehicles are very maneuverable and allow you to get from one point to another in the shortest time possible. This is the main difference between sports motorcycles and, say, Enduro or Speedway, which can only be used for competitions.

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