Last month, the most popular NASCAR driver today announced that he will leave his father’s team at the end of the season. Dale Earnhardt Jr., voted as the most popular NASCAR driver today by fans, made public that he will leave Dale Earnhardt Inc., which, after the 2007 Nextel Cup Series.

The NASCAR team was told by his late father – the legendary Seven champion Dale Earnhardt Sr.After the announcement, the NASCAR community has been speculating which team Junior will drive for next year race. For weeks, fans of the superstar have waited for his decision. He recently announced that he will race for Hendrick Motorsports next year. With Junior joining Hendrick Motorsports, he will replace Kyle Busch. For the next season yet Junior is driving a Chevy, which is currently dominating the Nextel Cup Series.

Chevrolet Chevy cars have shaved door handles with their won, ten of the fourteen races so far this season. Brian France, son of the late Bill France, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of NASCAR, it must tell the juniors directly to Hendrick: Today’s announcement of Dale Earnhardt Jr. ‘s move to Hendrick Motorsports is indeed an important announcement for this season and beyond, and it should be noted that high-profile partnerships have always been a part of NASCAR history to be competitive.

There were so many great partnerships involving people of great character and ability. We are proud of what they have brought to our sport. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has always said that in the first place he wants a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship win. We wish him good luck. There are questions about his sponsorship with Budweiser.

The company has been the most notable supporters of the 34-year-old NASCAR driver. Tony Ponturo, vice-president for global media and sports marketing for Anheuser-Busch Inc., has this to say after the announcement, Junior: Anheuser-Busch has a remarkable relationship with Dale Earnhardt Jr. enjoyed since our sponsorship began in 1999. Dale Jr. is a great ambassador for the sport and our business and we look forward to exploring options with Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsports to continue Budweiser relationship with him as he enters this new stage of his racing career to an .

Ironically, Junior will be entering the team that knocked off his father from the top of motorsport in the 1990s. His new teammate Jeff Gordon leads the resistance of the young drivers who took the place of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and his contemporaries at the pinnacle of the sport. Aside from Gordon, welcome to join defending champion Jimmie Johnson, Junior and Casey Mears. Analysts saw the jump to Hendrick by Junior as an excellent decision.

Tim Brewer, an analyst for ESPN, said: I think it’s a great decision because he wants to go and win races and win championships. He is the change for yourself, get into a good race car and he will get the job done. He has said all along that he wants to drive the No. 3 car at the end of his career, that I may be the reason why he did not think Richard Childress go. They are proven winners and proven champions at Hendrick.

The combination, he has had has not worked, and that’s no disrespect to anyone. I would if I show up he would not even have my helmet, and just ask what car should I want to get in? If I’d implemented a change and gone this far, I think I would make a big change.

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