5th May 2008: Budapest, Hungary. The world’s first gay centric motorsports event is to start at two events this summer, the daily goals rather than to highlight the speed of each participant. The Rainbow Rampage is a fabulous expression of spirit. Welcoming the participants of every color and stripe to represent the entire spectrum of gay identities, personalities and style for the Ultimate Gay Party. 

The first rally begins in Brighton, England with parties and a large official send off before crossing the channel and heading on the first stage destination: Paris. After a spectacular course, which is to mark non-highway roads, participating in fun challenges that urge participants to take in their surroundings, while a non-stop gay festival of Europe’s larger  cities, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague and Vienna. The Rainbow Rampage is essentially a large group road trip that goes out the Gay Pride Parade in Budapest, where the tour ends. Participants are given free admission to the parade as a grand finale, which also participate in luxurious accommodations in one of the famous spa hotels in Budapest. Gay and lesbian travelers all over the world are known for their outrageous parties and appreciation for the unique and challenging.

 While the Americans unabashed love affair with cars producing everything from SUVs to hybrids and even electric cars are art, Europeans have a more subtle love of the Grand Tour. (Can enter all street-legal vehicle) through the creation of two similar events with few rules, it should record a great selection of vehicles and drivers to make every event unique. For example, while the European route focuses on the major urban destinations, the American Way will kick off in Seattle and is the first step in the iconic sights of nature and Crater Lake in Oregon Tahoe Recreation Area in Nevada before the Las Vegas and Los Angeles before the grand finale in San Francisco with the infamous festival of love.

Lead Organizer, Guy sugar hopes that it will be a growing awareness that this event takes place, and that the organizers are looking for local support … achieve, especially [out] to the gay community at every stage along the way. It may be the first event of its kind, but with GLBT travelers accounting for ever increasing participation in large cities and luxury travel is known, gay-friendly destinations be, it was only a matter of setting them together.

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